Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord
Olivier Mantei - Olivier Poubelle

Director - Olivier Poubelle
Managing director - Sophie Houlbrèque

Secretary general - Sophie Darragi
Communication officer - Marine Stisi
Communication assistant (apprentice) - Iseult Heck
Head of ticketing and public relations - Margaux Gauthier
Ticketing and public relations officers - Violette Dehoze and Marion Kergourlay
Bar & restaurant - Kevin Laverdure
Public reception - Baptiste Sermage and all the ushers of the season

Chief financial officer  - Aboubacar Soilihi
Accounting officer - Sabrina Chang-Kuw
Administrative assistant - Julia Boutard

Head of producing and booking - Mara Patrie
Senior producer - Adeline Vicart
Producers - Corentin Pasquier and Mélanie Blanc
Production manager - Alessandra Calabi
Booking officer- Pierre Bousquet
Assistant producers - Aurore Fertill and Margot Renders

Technical and building director - Audrey Sterlingots 
Technical manager - Camille Jamin
Stage manager (apprentice) - Malène Seye
And all the technicians of the season

Cercle de l’Athénée et des Bouffes du Nord
President - Bernard Le Masson
Vice-president - Michel Carlier
Treasurer - Jessica Guinier
Sponsorship manager - Elisa Poli