How to book?

Booking methods
Book tickets tickets at the Box office, either by telephone or in person.

Booking online
The payment system is secure and you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. E-ticket : you can print out your tickets.
Purchased tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. It is therefore important to double-check before confirming the payment that the day and time of the show indicated are those that you wish to purchase.
Book online

Booking at Box office
The booking office is open from 5pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday, from 2pm to 7pm, Saturday.
Address: 37 (bis) bd de la Chapelle, 75010 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 46 07 34 50

Group booking
Monday to Friday, from 1pm to 5pm.
Phone: : +33 (0)1 46 07 35 59

Payment methods
You can book tickets at the Box office, either by telephone or in person.


Colleting tickets
- On site : you can collect your tickets from the Box office 45 minutes before the performance.
- E-ticket : on line, print out your tickets or download them to your smartphone by choosing the e-ticket option
- By post : your tickets can be sent out by post, for an administration fee of 1€.


Booking fee
Online or by phone, booking fee per ticket: 2€


Conditions of sales
Purchased tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. 
Read our full terms and conditions of sales


Booking through an agency
You can also book your tickets on the FnacThéâtre on line and Ticketnet websites.



How to purchase a season ticket?

Make a theatre subscription (minimum of 4 shows) or a music subscription (minimum of 4 concerts) on-line, by post or at Box-office. Ensuite, vous bénéficiez du tarif abonné sur l'ensemble de la saison.

Purchase a season ticket online

Subscribe and get:
- subscribers price
- no booking fee
- an access to the best seats
- season-ticket discounts all year long (until tickets sell out)


Tickets prices - Theatre


Ticket prices - Concerts


* Reduced price: over 65 years or unemployed (proof required). Group discounts (10+ people)
** Youth price: under 26 years (proof required)
*** Children price: 
under 14 years


School groups
Please contact the Box-office to benefit from school group discounts (+33 (0)1 46 07 35 59 /
On request, we can set up meetings with the artists after the show.

Cat. 1: 22€ - Cat. 2: 17€ - Cat. 3: 12€
Shows at 7pm and concerts (one category only): 12€


Theatre map/ Seating areas