Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord

Olivier Mantei - Olivier Poubelle

Chief operating officer - Clémentine Aubry
Executive assistant - Helena Wrotna
Chief Accounting - Aboubacar Soilihi
Accounting - Ahoefa Agbemedinao

Director of external affairs - Sophie Darragi
Communication officer - Marine Stisi
Ticket office and public relations supervisor - Margaux Gauthier
Ticket office and public relations officers - Filippo Pedrazzoli and Zoé Lepetitdidier-Carcano
Bar & restaurant - Alexis Lafarge and Bastien Jacquesson
Public reception - Baptiste Sermage and all the openers of the season 

Production/Tour director - Marko Rankov
Production chief officer - Mara Patrie
Technical direction for production - Pierre-Marie Lemaire
Production officers - Corentin Pasquier, Adeline Vicart 
Diffusion manager - Véronique Atlan
Production assistants - Mélanie Blanc

Technical Departement - building - Audrey Sterlingots 
Tour manager - Philippe Vialatte
Stage managers - Pauline Falourd, Camille Jamin, Gionata Mecchia and Yann Yvon Pennec.
Maintenance - Yacine Diagne
And all the technicians of the season

Concert coordinators / La Belle Saison - Antoine Manceau

Chief operating officer - Pierre Carlet 
Production chief officer - Julie Jozwiak
Intern - Edith Sharpin 

Cercle des Partenaires des Bouffes du Nord
President - Bernard Le Masson
Vice-président - Michel Carlier
Sponsorship manager - Marie de Touchet
Paymaster - Jessica Guinier